Frequently Asked Questions

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How can you verify profiles?

We work with multiple media and talent agencies that are Facebook/Instagram media partners. We will connect you to the agency and submit the verification request on your behalf. We also have connection with Instagram insiders, this has a very high success rate.

How fast will I receive the badge?

We’ll work with the case study for your profile within 1 business day, from that point it’ll take another 24 HOURS  for the providers to get back to us. In case your account would get rejected, we’ll do a free resubmission after the 30 days cooldown period set by social media network

What does it cost?

The prices range from $59 to $479, and depends on the package you choose. All of the packages have its own advantages. If you have any questions regarding how it works, feel free to contact our support department.

How it works?

We submit verification requests through Instagram Media Partner support, and we will also work on your PR before submitting the request. This will give you a bigger chance than requesting the badge yourself via the Instagram app, as we are able to supply Instagram with more background information and a case study. We also have connection with Instagram insiders, this has a very high success rate.

Are the followers real?

Yes! The accounts following you are created by real people. However, they only follow you as a result of buying a package with us. The followers are not targeted or interested. They will like, view and follow your content because they get paid a share of the profits we make from this service.

Will this put my account at risk?

No. Your account will be totally safe. The followers and likes you’ll receive are from real people connected to our network. Other websites offer followers which are actually just bot accounts created by automated software. The followers we deliver are actually accounts created by real people. Instagram cannot ban accounts for buying followers, else anyone would be able to buy followes for their competitors to have them shut down. This is 100% safe.